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Mohammad Sirvani Founder of the Emaar Real Estate
Real estate in Qatar, Turkey and the United Kingdom

Ali Naman exceeded our expectations of a web design company. We have been planning to launch a website for more than a year and we have talked to various designers and companies. Before working with him, we gave the website to a company with much higher costs, but we were not satisfied with the result.

The initial stage and preparation of the requirements required for the website was smooth and hassle-free. After 2 days, we received the initial proposal, which included the project goal, detailed schedule, facilities and costs. His professional performance and quality of work have been clear to us since the beginning, and we have signed a contract with Ali Naman.

Website design ended earlier than scheduled, and the result was amazing. Special skill in design and deep knowledge in business growth is one of the most prominent characteristics of Ali. Website design was well done in line with the vision of the construction brand, and the color and style palette used in the design for the construction brand brought dynamism and value.

The implementation of this project has been one of the best investments for the growth of our business. If you are looking for elegance and beauty in design, professionalism and increasing sales and brand growth, I highly recommend him for future projects. Thankful.

Mohammad Sirvani Founder of the Emaar Real Estate
Parvin Eslami Founder and Director of the Academy
Vesal Academy

The results of working with Boostrip are still unbelievable and exciting for me. It was in the winter of 2018 that Ali started designing our website, explaining to me that a website is not enough to attract customers, and I have to invest in branding and advertising to get results. For the past 25 years , I've tried different advertisements, but new students only joined the school by previous student referrals.

After the conversations we had, I decided that Ali would do all the work. It took about a month for the website to be developed. And after about three months and the end of the New Year holidays, on the 15th of Farvardin, I had more than 20 phone calls to register for classes, which was unexpected. Everyone has called through the website and I still have a lot of calls to date and online registration is done daily.

The main part of the advertisement was done through SEO, and now all the pages of the website are on the first page of Google. I have earned 10 times as much as I invested since the website was launched and we started marketing.

After about six months, the full capacity of the classes was completed for the next 10 months, and I even asked Ali to stop doing whatever he is doing for a while, because I didn't have enough time to respond to the high demand for new students.

Parvin Eslami Founder and Director of the Academy
Negar Saeedi Social media marketing specialist
Negar Saeedi's personal website, personal branding

I never thought I would be able to work from home and earn several times more than working in companies. It's been about 3 years since I started my own business and my job is to manage the pages of small businesses such as beauty salons, sports coaches, and professionals such as eyelash extensions and make-up, and so on.

قبل از اینکه از مشاوره های ایشون استفاده کنم، برای جذب مشتری، هزینه سرویس هایی که ارائه میدادم رو پایین می آوردم تا بتونم به هر نحوی شده مشتری جدید جذب کنم، این در حالی بود که هم برای من به صرفه نبود و هم اکثر اوقات به جای جذب، مشتری رو از دست میدادم. طی جلسات مشاوره و آموزش هایی که آقای نامان به من دادن مسیر درست جذب مشتری رو یاد گرفتم.

نمیدونستم که تحلیل رقبام چه تاثیری تو کیفیت کسب و کارم، هزینه ها و برنامه های کاریم داره. همیشه برای جذب مشتری مدام تخفیف میذاشتم که با راهنمایی های ایشون فهمیدم که بدترین راه برای جذب مشتری تخفیف های دائمی هست که باعث مرگ یه کسب و کار میشه.

هیچ وقت برای برگشتن مشتری به کسب و کارم برنامه ای نداشتم و تنها اهمیتی که میدادم، جذب مشتری جدید بود، اما بعد از جلسات مشاوره ای که با آقای نامان داشتم برای برگشت مشتری، برنامه ریزی هایی کردیم که به وضوح باعث رونق کسب و کارم شد.

First, I started my business on Instagram and tried to introduce myself to people through Instagram. After a while, to expand my business, I needed someone to guide me more in the field of digital marketing and give me advice.

My website is very attractive and unique. Although it has been a while since I launched my website, customer demand has increased significantly and I have had about a 150% increase in revenue.

He makes you the best in your business, and I think that's one of his greatest traits. I never thought about my business on a large scale, and I always thought my business would remain small, and I didn't expect to think about bigger things, but he changed my mindset on my business.

Negar Saeedi Social media marketing specialist
Sara Najafi Founder of a BePretty
Search, compare and book online beauty services platform

The beautiful and functional website that Boostrip designed for us is one of the biggest factors in our superiority over other competitors. Various websites are working to find and introduce beauty salons and specialists, but most of them do not have the necessary quality to provide accurate and efficient information to women who are looking for the best beauty services in Iran.

At the moment, although the content of the website has not been completed yet and we have just started working, the feedback and results we received from the visitors are very good and we thank Ali Naman for his valuable efforts and advice from Ziba Bash team.

Sara Najafi Founder of a BePrerry
Mehdi Maaref Founder of Dwat website
Freelancer platform in the field of translation

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and appreciate the efforts you have made for us during this time. You're really professional, someone who always counts on business problems and challenges. You solved the most difficult problems for us in the fastest possible time and in the best possible way. I wish you all the best and I hope you continue in the same powerful and energetic way.

Mehdi Maaref Founder of Dwat website
Shadi Shad Founder of Veridge
Veridge constrcution company

The fact that differentiates Bootstrip from other web agencies is the analytical knowledge of Ali in solving the problems of online businesses is. He provided the best answer to most of the issues we have been facing for a long time to attract customers. That's why I always felt confident about marketing campaigns or facing possible future problems in our business.

Thank you for your valuable help, guidance and advice. I and all the colleagues of the company are very satisfied and happy with the result of our work and we sincerely appreciate your hard work and effort to help design the website and grow it.

Shadi Shad Founder of Veridge

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Growth Consultation

When you want to start an online business, just having one website is not enough and you have to consider many factors to be successful.

Simply put, we have 3 steps: 1) to be present on the Internet, such as setting up a website or social network 2) How to attract visitors? 3) How do you persuade them to become your customers?

To achieve each of these three steps, there are a number of solutions that vary depending on the nature of the business, the amount of budget and human resources, and the time required to achieve the goal. The wrong choice of these solutions can damage your business, and most of the time it can cause you to quit marketing for your business.

Start from ۱ میلیون تومان

Graphic design (UI/UX Design)

I love websites that are beautiful and stunning, and I'm always eager to learn new concepts and design trends so I can challenge my creativity.

However I believe that designing a great website is much more than just a stunning look. A great website should be designed to reach your goal. Branding for business, increasing sales, facilitating a business process are some of the ultimate goals of designing a website.

Another point is that sometimes beauty should be neglected and performance should be considered. Websites full of attractive animations that take 10 seconds to load can detract from more than 70% of your customers. In contrast, a simple and beautiful website that takes 3 seconds to display can bring you hundreds of new customers.

Start from ۵ میلیون تومان

Website Back-End Implementation

I consider the goal in all stages of design and implementation. In my opinion, the design should be completely unique to each business.

I implement the website features (back-end) with php 7 language and Laravel framework or Nodejs using Express framework. I develop and implement all your needs and requirements exclusively, and I do not use WordPress and Joomla ready content management systems and plugins. This way, you feel relaxed about the efficiency and performance of your website for years.

Start from ۵ میلیون تومان

Attract Targeted Visitors

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), google ads (SEM), facebook Ads, email Marketing, instagram marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, and retargeting ads are among the digital marketing methods.

Choosing, prioritizing, allocating funds, implementing and analyzing the results have their own way, and it's not easy for someone who isn't an expert.

I can design and run a marketing roadmap for your business, maintain and optimizate it to prevent wasting your money and find you more new clients.

Start from ۵۰۰ هزار تومان ماهانه
(هزینه تبلیغات جدا می باشد)

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Simply put, conversion rate is the percentage of users who do a particular task (buy a product or service, contact us). For example, if your website aims to sell a product, and 5 out of 100 visitors buy the product, the conversion rate of your website is 5%. There are many websites that although they have a large number of visitors, they have very low sales. Increasing the conversion rate reduces your advertising costs.

Start from ۲ میلیون تومان

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Ali Naman Growth Hacker I help you increase your sales at least 3 times

Designing marketing campaigns

Investment roadmap

Competitor and market analysis

Conversion Rate Optimisation

UI/UX optimization

Web design and development

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